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The biggest crime is to waste your life

Practice without stereotypes

There is now a way to learn meditation and other techniques directly from awakened instructors from anywhere around the world – you will want to discover these secrets for yourself right away, and now

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Givin School is a system of practical Knowledge leading to awakening and further transformation. This is an environment for an evolutionary development as well as the realization of the meaning of life and place of a man in this world.

Givin School – it’s a friendly team of energetic, highly motivated people who learn together and share gained knowledge how to go beyond all limits of concepts, senses and attitudes of yourself and the world into direct, pure and conscious perception of reality.

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What is a “retreat” or “is it worth crawling back into the egg?”

There are different kinds of retreats. They can be “light” and “dark”, “one-day-in-an-apartment” and “long-term-away-from-society”, individual and group retreats, silent

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The meditation is popular in the modern world, and scientists recognize the great perspective for the future in it. You can drown in the flow of information while browsing websites, looking through the

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Recommended books

Victor Pelevin “The hermit and the six-fingered”
Michael Bulgakov “Master and Margarita”
Richard Bach “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”
Richard Bach

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Interview with awakened students Vera Tsarik
Interview with awakened students Vera Tsarik
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Everyone has only one true purpose in life: to wake up from the delusion that he is separated from everything else.

Chuck Hillig

You are already the stillness in which your mind is itchy trying to help you to become the stillness.

Caesar Teruel

We, as a rule, do not use our mind at all. The mind uses us.

Eckhart Tolle

Do not expect that it will become easier, simpler, better. It will not. There will always be difficulties. Learn to be happy right now. Otherwise, you will never have time for it.

Omar Khayyam

True freedom only in the depths of the present moment. There is no freedom within the mind.

Genady Givin