Andrew Bashoon

Andrew Bashoon

Instructor of courses, retreats, master classes, Practice of Stillness, introductory seminars and other events, certified yoga instructor.


The most experienced of the instructors, more than 20 years engaged in the practice of human development under the guidance of the teacher Gennady Givin. Combines training and teaching in the Riga branch of the International School.

He is involved in regular informative, lecture, journalistic activities aimed at promoting the importance of spiritual work in the life of every person and society. He is the author of books “Conversation with an angel”, “Conversations with a teacher”.

“I approached practice like everyone else. I began to change my life and myself only after everything including health, family, work collapsed. Then I realized either I change myself or die. After two or three months of training, I was surprised that I was not only alive but became much healthier!

And at some point, something switched in me. I strived not to run away from suffering and problems. Life has become meaningful and very interesting, it had DEPTH! There was an understanding that once I had help, then I must share this help with others. This understanding was natural. From that moment everything changed qualitatively much faster.”

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