Anna Sokol

Anna Sokol

Awaken instructor of Givin School
Young yet has a broad life experience.
Purposeful and determined, at the same time light and easygoing awaken soul.

in April 2019 she had an awakening experiance. Here what she says about it.

” Standing there in the park with my eyes closed I experienced a living emptiness realizing myself as it. The energy penetrating everything and everyone. There was no body, no Anna… Mind was silent. There was only living endless “nothing” and “everything” at the same time. This all happened at the level of sensations. When i was opening my eyes I saw how my mind worked and began to shape and describe the forms around … “this is the road, and this is the car, and this is tree, grass … this is green, and this is blue … The air is cold and the grass is softer than the trunk of a tree, which means that the tree will never break on the grass … “. A clear understanding has come – my faith in these descriptions and qualities described by the mind makes my reality now existing exactly like I perceved … In fact, all this is just energy and you can go beyond … A distance appeared in between Anna and this endless something that I actually am. And only direct knowledge that I am something so elusive, something that leaerns all this through this embodiment.”