Artem Isaikin

Artem Isaikin

Leader of introductory seminars, master classes and the Practice of Stillness in Moscow.

Organizer and mentor of retreats in Givin School. Active member of national and international conferences and forums.


Artem teaches the Practice of Stillness in Minsk and Riga for more than 6 years. Has taught more than 20 courses and retreats in Givin School. The leader of meetings and consciousness development practices. He has extensive experience in raw food diet and health practices. Co-author and a mentor of yoga course for women “Women Power” in Minsk.

Artem has the most interesting background and can share 1000 stories about everything. He’s able to help and contribute 24 hours a day. A real peaceful warrior with a great sense of humor.

“At the beginning of the practice, I had many positive changes in life. But one day I felt that the world isn’t what I thought it was. As if I had my eyes covered by my hands and now I took them off and saw a space filled with life and beauty that I’ve never seen before. I realized that I came alive, or rather, something inside me did. And that was the reason why the boring world also awakened. Everything happened before became complete and meaningful. I started to understand why all of this was necessary.

This natural wisdom which surpasses all human genius, these forces of nature which lay dormant in us, thrill my heart to this day. That day I felt enormous gratitude towards life, and the fire lit up in me, the desire to learn this new, unexplored life – the life of the human soul. At that moment I decided that I will help people in their development, in the liberation of their souls, and show them how they can consciously learn from Life, understand its language and act in harmony with it.”

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