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About school

Do you remember what we were taught at school? Mathematics and chemistry, how to write correctly and what will happen if you mix sodium chlorine and H2O. We were taught how to be good children, diligent students and worthy members of society. But when we left school, many of us still had hundreds of unanswered questions. Who am I? Why do I feel this way? Why do these events happen to me? What is behind all the physical laws of the universe? Is there anything else besides what I can perceive with five senses?

In the Givin School, we help people to approach awakening, that is the point where all questions disappear, because there is just one answer. This answer is clear, without a prism of previous experience and concepts, which is a vision of the world as it is. This is a completely different perception of life, a deep sense of self as a part of a whole. This is inner freedom. Everything becomes simple, easy and clear. Fear and vanity fades away. There comes peace and joy. Perceiving the world and life in this way, the mediation of the mind with its doubts and analysis disappears. Now everything is perceived by the soul (the heart) directly as it really is.

Our school is a living organism, it develops, grows and improves. This is a large team of students from all over the world. Yes, we are students, although some of us are already over 60 years old. Each of us feels that to live the way it was before is already impossible. We can not confine ourselves only with the struggle for a comfortable existence in the consumer world, orienting only on the needs of the body
and mind. The needs of the soul come first.

Each of us sooner or later will have to go through the point of awakening and go further. Our School is for those who understand that it is much faster and easier to do this transformation in a team of like-minded people than by yourself, for those who are willing to work on their internal change and to help other people by sharing the acquired knowledge.

Givin School is a system of practical Knowledge leading to awakening and further transformation. This is an environment for an evolutionary development as well as the realization of the meaning of life and place of a man in this world. Its a navigator for a soul.

Just like every school, we also have a methodology and a system of education, we have rules.

We have a Russian-speaking teacher who has already passed this path and knows how to help people to get through it as quickly and painlessly as possible. We have a team of like-minded people practicing together who support each other and share the acquired knowledge with other people.

Everything that we practice is aimed to develop awareness and unity between people, harmonious and strong state of a body and confident movement along the path of internal growth.

Tools and techniques we use:

  • yoga;
  • meditation;
  • practice of awareness;
  • teamwork;
  • work with ego;
  • service to other people sharing received knowledge;
  • communication with the teacher and much more.

What are we taught in the School?

  • to feel life. To think less about it, to trust it more, to develop intuition and sense perception;
  • to understand your nature. We cease to associate ourselves only with our mind and body and understand the infinity of our essence;
  • to discipline the mind. The mind ceases to be a leader and turns into a reliable and faithful performer. The incessant “radio” which works at maximum volume in the head gradually fades away and gives a way to stillness and awareness;
  • to live in harmony with people. When the clear boundary between I and others is erased, communication with any person opens up with a completely new experience. It is understood that we are just different faces of the same thing. With this perception, it is difficult to provoke or support a conflict or to cause a pain to a person.

To get acquainted with people and methodology of the School, you can choose a suitable event: the practice of stillness, live encounters, online intensives or webinars with awakened students. In order to begin full training and engagement with the team and mentor, there are retreats and an awakening course.


After the awakening course, you can join regular classes of the School, during which you begin mastering the skills you have learned about life and the movement towards awakening and further on.

We do not want to impose one more model of the universe, on the contrary, we call for getting to know the reality based on our own experience.

We are happy to see aspirants and seekers in our ranks, regardless of their citizenship, place of residence, education, social status and religion. The defining condition is the ardent desire to work on your own improvement and, together with the team, to share this knowledge with other people.