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About the teacher

“I myself do not represent any value, the knowledge that I transmit is priceless”.

Genadiy Givin

Genadiy was born in Riga. He was a very healthy and strong child, so from the first class he was engaged in swimming, from the eighth in boxing, sambo, karate, he became a master of sports. Genadiy combined his successful sports career with studying at Riga Technical University.

In the 10th grade he met awakened people. The experience he received radically changed his attitude to life and aroused in him a great desire to learn something that was available from these people.

Subsequently, one of these people sent Genadiy to an awakened man who worked in the field of cosmonautics, who became his teacher and opened him a further path and deeper knowledge. All of them are ordinary people without regalia and titles of great masters, just like Genadiy himself. But their deep knowledge of essence of things, sincere desire to serve to people and pass on to them their wider vision of life have always gathered around them a large number of people seeking for answers and knowledge.

In this knowledge there is no religious basis. Although much of what is contained in the ancient teachings and religions, is true for today. This is not psychology or esoterics. Knowledge exists as long as there is humanity. It is passed from a teacher to a student, inextricably from one generation to another one.

Knowledge is the experience of generations and practical tools in order to discover the real world, to see things as they are, and to cease dependence from all limitations. Knowledge is a breakthrough to real freedom. It is the very freedom that Genadiy teaches.

Genadiy taught young people swimming, martial arts. He lived in Altai, the Sayans, Western Siberia, worked for several years in rescue work in the mountains of the Caucasus. He traveled along the Volga, the Urals and Central Asia. In recent years, Genadiy lives in Latvia.
Throughout his conscious life, the teacher transmits knowledge. People come to him from all over the world. Today he shares his knowledge through a whole team of students from Europe, Russia, Belarus. And this transmission format includes retreats, practices of stillness, satsangs.

There are already really many people to whom Genadiy and his school helped to touch the truth and to change life for the better, many of his students have woken up, they continue to practice and improve further and help their teacher to transfer this knowledge, so the number of such people is constantly growing.

The teacher is your Friend, Mentor and Guiding Star. He is the person who will never betray you on your way Home. Because he already is Home. He gives necessary tools and guidance as well as support and inspiration, Genadiy detects and suppresses the ego and indicates a direction for self-realization.

The teacher prepares students to perceive the Stillness Energy (in other sources – the Energy of ‘Emptiness’, ‘Light’, ‘Life’) – primordial energy that creates this world. The teacher conducts this energy, which awakens the student. The student takes not only techniques or words, but, first of all, the Stillness / Light of the teacher, and then opens the source within.

The teacher will never fit into any frameworks and ideas about the way he should behave or look. It is not his task to tell pleasant words and spread only goodness. He will not behave the way you want, and he will never make decisions instead of you, but he will always help you to feel Home and will give you directions to get there so that you can make your own decisions. This is your experience, and thus you take full responsibility for yourself in this journey.

The role of the teacher is to bring his students to an experience of their own Nature. To awaken them, to help them take the Path and move along it. To help them step outside of all illusions and reach absolute liberation – that is the true goal of any teacher.

In honor of such a person, fully realized master Genadiy Givin the school was named Givin’s School.