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The retreat is the second step at “Givin's School” training. It is 14 days of practice and internal work over oneself.

It is an opportunity to get a practical understanding of who you are and to feel the true nature of things, oneself and the world.

It is your individual experience of the absolute Knowledge understanding, which is the basis for everything. Practical. Pure. Real. Which goes beyond all limits.

What is retreat

You leave the usual environment for 14 days, move away from daily routine, work. You literally plunge into inner world and do a hard job, letting in the changes you have waited for so long.

The retreat is about privacy and modesty, it means to get away from civilization. It goes along with food rationing and a total absence of communication with society. TV, mobile phones, books, the Internet are forbidden.

This is the union with the nature and new perception of oneself. It is an opportunity to go away from the city and to get closer to yourself. It is an exit of the boundaries of daily life, full change of the scenery and an opportunity to know a new person, who is free from past concepts and beliefs.

It is life experience in the present moment and deep consciousness.

What's going on on the retreat

First of all, Retreat is the intensive, many-sided and systematic practice. It is a big deal of practice at all levels:
Several times a day participants do a set of exercises for a spine and general well-being mend. Training background is not necessary for doing the exercises. They are performed slowly, consciously and at a leisurely pace.

The practice of stillness and laughter is used for the liberation of a body and releasing gained stress.

During the retreat, participants eat tasty and light vegan or raw food to adapt to the new mode of the body, and the mind is not distracted by flavoring.

All this allows to clean the body and to prepare it for contact with practical Knowledge.


You are going to get the whole tool kit to calm down your mind at last. So you could watch it work. We are going to carry out meditative practices and exercises individually and in a team, inside and outside the room. You will surely feel freedom from the occupied mind and be filled with peace and love.


We are going to talk and discuss many issues concerning you. Talk about awakening, enlightenment, and a further way. How to find yourself and what stands behind that search which brought each person here.

We impart the practical Knowledge from the teacher to the student, from the heart to heart through the energy of stillness.

Your task is to be open for interaction with the energy of stillness/ life/ consciousness as much as possible.

Then, as a result of your personal work and the work of the team, you'll feel a unity with each participant and the whole world.

You are going to learn what does it mean to be a part of a complete whole.

The team

People come to us from all over the world. Together with the new members, experienced team members are involved in the retreat. There is a synergy when a large number of people, united by values and goals, is engaged. The shared practices for all participants are far more efficient than the individual ones. Here you will discover the power of team spirit.

The result

To get a result, you need to leave the city.  You should go to the woods or a deserted seashore, give away your phone, books, and laptop. Then you should resign to your fate and, finally, meet yourself. What is there behind endless questions, worries, the way of thinking? Is there a wish to understand your true self, to know the truth on the way to freedom? The Retreat will raise all the questions together with the doubts, fears, pain from the past, claims, and offenses. Everything that was hidden and did not find a way out can suddenly appear in full growth. If you feel confident in what is happening at this moment and ready move on, then here you will get results.

“I received a lot of positive emotions during the course. I felt unity in the team, incredible love that was coming from everyone. I wanted to have this feeling forever. I understood that I could live outside my mind. I could live in the present moment, and not drown in the endless and unbearable flow of thoughts of the past or the future.”

Lyudmila Litvina, Ogre, Latvia

“I felt the presence of a certain force in my heart, and then I realized that this power was me!”

Igor Zhivotkov, Russia, Voronezh

“This is a great chance to wake up, to touch the truth, the light. This is an introductory but important phase of awakening. It gives the result from the first day.”

Edward Shaikhetdinov, Magnitogorsk, Russia

More feedback on retreats

The perception of the world changes during the first days of the retreat, it becomes clearer. You begin to see things as they are, not through the lens of stereotypes. You break free from other people opinion and stop acting under the circumstances.  Unstoppable joy, love, and union with the world around appear within you.

Administrators, mentors, students of Genadiy and the teacher himself support you at the retreat. The whole team gathers with the teacher to discuss the theory, to get feedback, to ask questions and get answers. The teacher transmits the Knowledge about our true nature from the heart to heart. This communication with the teacher gives a new understanding of many things and the strength to go to the end, even if it is difficult.

The rules of the retreat
The retreat aimed to help the delicate inner work. Nothing distracts you, and you can dedicate your time to work. We don't use mobile communication, the Internet and books.

The retreat has the rule of complete silence, except those days when we talk to the teacher or practice communication in circles. You can contact the mentor in case of force majeure, but try not to distract other participants.

The main rule is full confidence in your mentors and the fulfillment of their instructions. Instructions always affect only the training part and provided in the interests of the participant.

It is important to respect the daily routine and the execution of all mandatory practices.

For the period of the retreat drinking alcohol and smoking are excluded.
Men and women live separately during the retreat. This concerns couples who came together.

The Retreat is a change of the quality of your life and its understanding. This is an opportunity to build a new reality and trustful relationship with your life.

We suggest that you finally found what you were looking for if the questions and soul-searching stopped.  Lots of discoveries, completely new experiences, and changes are waiting for you. Perhaps more than you experienced through the entire adult life.
Preparation for the retreat
Everyone wishing to get into the retreat is a subject to a mandatory training period. Within a few days after the application to participate, a personal mentor contacts with a participant. The task of the mentor is to tell about the terms of education in school, to check the readiness to participate in serious self-improvement.

After preliminary communication with the mentor, each participant fills in the questionnaire and writes a brief CV and his motivation to learn. The mentor conducts a re-interview informing the applicant about the preliminary training he must undergo to participate in the retreat. By this matter, the mentor wants to help the potential participant to prepare and test himself, his desire to work more intensively. To do so, he gives participants simple additional homework, which includes both independent regular classes at home, and listening to lectures, watching movies and reading thematic stories and writing short essays on them.

Unprepared people are not allowed to participate in the retreat. If the participant ignores the preparatory course, he will have the second interview. If necessary, he will be excluded from participation.

There will be several webinars with all participants to review all the remaining issues at the end of the preparation period.

The main thing everyone should understand is that overcoming obstacles and various life tests are the basis of rapid growth. The proper attitude to these obstacles is the key to the successful achievement of the goals that the student sets. The school provides tremendous opportunities for high-quality self-development and movement along the path through the awakening and beyond if the student needs it. There will be various difficulties in the educational process regularly, but this is normal.