Start the training

Introductory classes

Introductory classes take place regularly in both offline and online formats at Givin School.

They are perfect for getting acquainted with our School, the team of students, and our projects. The participants can ask the questions, train together with us, experience both: the state of internal stillness and the present moment.

Main formats of the online events

  • The online – workshop “Inner Balance”;
  • “Practice of Stillness online”. This format is the obligatory training part for participating in the retreat for all potential students from all countries and the cities, where the offline classes are not regular;
  • “Online club” Regular classes with online – club is for the students who attended “Practice of stillness online” courses. This format is one of the advanced training stages for participating in the retreat. Everyone who wishes to study at the School should master the basic skills of coping with an ego;
  • Regular webinars and live meetings with students of School with a live online broadcast on the Internet.

Main formats of the offline events

  • Practice of Stillness classes, which are given on a regular basis in Minsk and Riga;
  • 2 and 3-day seminars of Practice of Stillness which are held in different countries and the cities, when the groups of new students are formed;
  • Tea meetings with students of the School on weekends;
  • Meetings – satsangs with the awakened students of the School;
  • “Practice of stillness online” course +intensive online course “The Inner Balance”.

The practice of stillness

Unique and effective method that allows you:

  • to unleash your inner potential;
  • to stimulate vital energy and increase efficiency;
  • to find peace;
  • to get rid of stress and strengthen the nervous system;
  • to feel inner harmony and peace in everyday life;
  • to recover from psycho-emotional and physical exertion quickly;
  • to learn how to perceive people calmly, to open up and to learn how to feel them deeply;
  • to understand the deep meaning of what is happening and what is your role in life.

Sessions include:

  • special exercises – meditative asanas;
  • breathing exercise;
  • practice of smiles and laughter;
  • meditative techniques: “stillness”, “open heart”, “now” and others.

This is practical knowledge that triggers your internal mechanisms of self-regulation.

Online workshop “Inner Balance”

This is a six-day online intensive: four group classes lasting 3 hours in the evening and independent study.

Cost: voluntarily donation.

This is a great opportunity in a short time:

  • to gain emotional stability;
  • to stop the internal dialogue and to master the practice of mindfulness;
  • to feel the unity with other people;
  • to learn about your real abilities and how to reveal them;
  • to understand the beliefs that prevent you from living a full life and start stepping over them;
  • to move away from the duality of thinking and actions and to gain a holistic lifestyle;
  • to feel “alive” in the best meaning of this word;
  • to learn how to accept people in a calm and quiet manner, to open up and to learn to appreciate them deeply;
  • to understand the real meaning of what is happening and your role in life.