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Meditation training

Person’s development practice is the main advantage and an effective method that School offers in the retreat. Extensive inner preparation and perfect knowledge of safety techniques are the main requirements of these methods.

One of these powerful practices is Paradanta Meditation. A teacher selects a specific consonance for each individual depending on his/her nature. Forwarding the Path is the main goal of consonance. In other words, the consonance is a vehicle that drives toward the Highest Self. To reach higher levels of consciousness faster, the spiritual leader uses “activation”. In eastern traditions “activation” is a process when the pure vibrations of your soul or the Highest Self are developed by the master. Imagine you were driving in the 2nd gear and now switched to the 5th.

So, the activation enhances the process of self-healing. Every person needs time to be adapted to the consonance. He learns how to work with it and how to use it for his personal growth. During the adaptation process, the perception of the consonance can change, transform and refine. Scientists don’t fully know the nature of this energy, because modern science can’t explain it yet. It’s impossible to master Paradanta Meditation unless a person attains the inner silence.

Stillness is our natural state where we take everything as it is. This is the acceptance of your feelings, experiences, emotions. It is crucial to understand that this is not obedience to the events but the saving of inner peace, whatever happens.

Paradanta meditation requires preparation and is a part of the system of teaching the spiritual practice. It educates you how to make the purification of the body sitting on a chair. During meditation, the healing power of our body gradually frees us from the hardened residual effects of physical and psychological stress and trauma. This technique has a particular feature – it teaches you to see the work of your mind more clearly. So, the student observes all the attempts of the unconscious inner work that prevent his true nature and original intelligence. That is why the translation of this technique means leading beyond all limits, i.e. to our true essence. Few specialists in this field teach this technique.

In our School, the advanced courses of paradanta meditation are for people who have already passed the basic retreat and engaged in regular classes. This is not a prerequisite for awakening and further movement along the path of development, but the training of this technique can accelerate this process.

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