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Main activity of Givin’s School is aimed to transfer practical Knowledge, bringing the person out of limits of concepts, feelings, comprehension of themselves and the world itself into direct, clean and conscious perception of the reality. Ignorance, lack of awareness as well as understanding of life are always followed by manifesting of egoism which distorts real perception and fill life with suffering.

Perception, free from ignorance, is possible only in case when a person realizes the true nature of himself, the things around and the world.

In various cultures, traditions and religions people speak about essence of this phenomenon in various ways and terms, however it is necessary to consider that words anyway are limited and cannot transfer or reflect direct experience of the reality of a person who reached full awakening and got free from all illusions.

The School gives each seeker an opportunity to accelerate (or to optimize) process of self-development by increasing quality and intensity of internal work, the fruit of which is practical experience and deep understanding of the eternal truth.
The importance of personal practice
Getting personal experience of our true nature allows us to find answers to the questions, “Who am I?”, and “What is life really about?”.

Life full of suffering ends when we find answers to these questions and immeasurable fullness of life comes.

The knowledge of how to make this inner transition is passed on in our School. This is an absolute Knowledge that underlies all things in the Universe. It is simple and practical, free from rites and rituals, and it is not related to a person’s religious, national or political beliefs.

The Knowledge is directly transferred from the teacher to a student.

This Knowledge is impossible to master theoretically, so only regular independent practice allows you to let it go through yourself. Deep conversations about life are useful, but without involving personal experience, it will remain mere theory forever. Therefore, the School also helps you to learn how to discipline yourself, because only focused internal work will bring results.
Transmitting the State of Stillness
Stillness is a basic element of practical Knowledge transmitted in the School.
Knowledge is passed through the Stillness conducted by the teacher (people say “from heart to heart”).

The energy of stillness is present everywhere, it is also known as Life energy or Light. Everything appears and continues in it.

Stillness cannot be described in words, but it can be felt.

Stillness has different names in people’s mind, but you’ll define it easily.

In the process of learning, transmission of Stillness stands behind every word, action or thought. The teacher’s task is to prepare and reveal the person to interact with the Stillness.

While studying, a person opens up to the pure perception of the Stillness energy and releases all sorts of ideas about himself and the world.

Awakening or transformation is the consistent process that helps to return the pure taste of this energy.

In our practice, people learn the element of Stillness from the very beginning.  A person steadily gains his own experience of Stillness, then every student masters this element deeper and deeper.

Gradually a student discovers a source of stillness within himself and removes all the hidden barriers that prevent immersion into the flow.
Essence of methodics
Only those students who have a huge desire to know themselves, to find answers to the most intimate questions, to reach complete spiritual realization, to come back home will take a maximum benefit from the technique.

Everyone sets his goals in a different way. After all the stronger the commitment is, the more chances to overcome all the difficulties to achieve the goal.

The essence of a technique is consciously learning to work on overcoming the egoism and intellectual programs. Success depends on the firmness of a person’s desire.

The technique includes 3 components which all together provide maximum efficiency of training:

the educational system imparting Knowledge;
the team of like minded people who firmly follow a way of spiritual transformation.

The role of the teacher
The teacher imparts the knowledge of our true nature and transmits the energy of stillness from different levels of consciousness. He gives us specific tools and recommendations on how to achieve awakening and go through all the subsequent stages of human transfiguration as quickly and painlessly as possible. 
Direct communication with the teacher helps to settle the peace of mind and dive deeper into the present moment.

Continuous training at the Givin School involves regular live Satsangs with the teacher 2-3 times a week, which is also available online.
 One of the teacher’s tasks is to kindle and maintain the inner fire – the aspiration to the goal in the disciples. With each word, suggestion, or action, he helps the disciples to develop a clear direction toward the liberation of the soul from the clutches of egoism.

Even the most persistent seekers of truth often lose a clear internal vector to the goal, especially in a modern world where millions of people sleep deeply. The mind blurs the need for intense inner work, offering the comfort and routine of everyday life instead. Egoism offers a deep sleep in a world of illusions, while the heart (soul) of a person strives to real life.

The teacher helps to strengthen the call of the heart (soul) of the disciples not just with words but with an example of his life. Therefore the flock could draw strength within themselves to move towards full awakening and transfiguration. 
If a person wants to master any kind of art, sport or science, he should learn from an experienced person to shorten the period of education significantly. Someone would prefer passing his way alone, fishing out all the knowledge and skills bit by bit. Thus spending dozens of years, compared to learning from a competent professional.

It is the free choice of every person to ask for help. However, there are areas where it is impossible to learn from textbooks, and the price of one’s mistake is a life. For example, can anyone learn how to control a plane from a book?
 However, in a more complex and subtle matter – the inner world of a person, many people consider themselves professionals, not realizing what their advice can lead to. People carry out dangerous experiment indulging some aspect of their ego, strengthening themselves not in development but in materialism. You can even succeed in something during these experiments, but how many tries do we have for them and what level of consciousness can we achieve this way for the whole life? We need to answer these questions honestly having in mind that the time of our life is short, and our health is not infinite.

In this case, the environment of the school and the teacher protects us from dangerous experiments and random actions. Thousands of years hundreds of generations have passed through the teaching methodology, that the School provides. Its basis has been unchangeable over the centuries. The form of its oral presentation is the only thing that changes depending on the culture, traditions, and mentality of disciples living in a particular region and time.
Modern educational system
The educational process is modern and based on the experience of many generations of practitioners who have taken this path. You don’t need any special skills to start your education at School. However, the quality and workload at the introductory, preliminary and regular classes are different.

The practice is a combined approach including:

meditation exercises for the spine and body,
breathing and relaxation techniques,
the practice of laughter,
the practice of evolving awareness and opening the mind,
practices of gratitude and open heart,
methods of working with the ego,
elements of team interaction.

The main goal is to calm down the mind, to recover the natural balance of the body, to cleanse it from the accumulated stress, thereby preparing for the revealing of self.

The stillness triggers the mechanism of self-recovery or self-regulation. The practices are the tools to maintain ourselves in a new, more conscious state of life.

To ensure the training process is qualitative and available, the School has trained many competent mentors, who either give introductory classes or participate in retreats. Mentors constantly work in a team with a teacher and spend extra time on a mentor’s preparation. Many of them have already awakened and moving forward.

The educational system makes it possible to live in a natural and healthy mode.  A person should feel a connection with the whole world gradually gaining a Unified Consciousness. To reach that a person serves by helping  other people to dispose their egoism. Practice does not deny other ways of helping people, but the most important is getting rid of the fetters of selfishness.

One of the forms of education in school is the creation of a healthy environment in the world and the promotion of practical knowledge about working with selfishness. To make it happen the educational system provides extensive opportunities for volunteering in various areas as well as numerous examples of people who live selflessly already.

Egoistic consumer behavior destroys most of the spheres of human activity, whenever you turn you see the evidence: crises, stagnation, environmental problems, conflicts, and unwillingness to negotiate, the desire for self-destruction, increasing statistics of depression and much more.

The only way out is to change the way of thinking radically. The task of the educational system is to bring out the desire for changes and to create a community where people learn to live with a different attitude to life.
Team value
A team is a group of like-minded people and friends, who grow together and share the experience and knowledge received during the practice. Team relationship depends on a conscious choice of unity. It is an open, friendly and spiritual collaboration. The value of the team reveals during the months of active teamwork. However, the cohesion, growth-supporting environment, the precise sense of purpose of all the participants, helps you to feel the unity from the first steps of acquaintance with the School.

It is a well-known fact that the environment forms each person from early childhood. Favorable environment multiplies and opens the best person’s sides and qualities. Besides, it should be pleasant but also very demanding in a constant work with selfishness.

Team unity is a resource and a goal at the same time. It is expressed either in external actions or in group practice and collaborative activity. The principle of absolute love and inclusion reflects in the formation of the other level of attitude toward the actions of surrounding people.

You can meet the direct or indirect references in scriptures, ancient cultures, and religions as well as in works of outstanding spiritual leaders of the past that the principle of integrity is not new. Only within a group, you can discard the selfishness. The team and the knowledge transmission is the basic for the progress, allowing to escape all the traps on the way to the higher levels of consciousness.

Any coaction exposes the negative tendencies of the mind, the softest spots and the deepest layers of egoism.

In combination with the practice, team cooperation helps to see and overcome all of it. The team is the most powerful tool to release the fetters of egoism.

Moving forward together has many advantages comparing with the lone path. All the benefits open on the way of the personal experience in the mastering of Practical Knowledge. There is only one drawback: selfishness constantly “boils”up while cooperating with other people. That could be misleading for those, who is tied to comfort and doesn’t understand the genuine reason for all the problems.

However, goal-oriented people will appreciate its true worth.
How helping others works
The teaching at the School uses the inhalation and exhalation method for the better way of human development. Inhalation happens automatically during the practices with the team and the teacher, and exhalation occurs when the acquired knowledge are passed to other people. Thanks to the combination of those two, the overall process of inner changes happen most quickly and efficiently.

Since the inhaling happens spontaneously, the hardest and most important process is exhaling, which occurs only by the student’s will. There are various actions that help the student to exhale. All of them aimed towards direct or indirect passing of the knowledge to others and helping them in development. The most effective giving back is in joint actions with the team, when people come together to help.

This exact method of collective giving back is practiced at the School. It implies a set of joint actions, contributing to create an evocative environment and aimed at helping to master the practical Knowledge of human development.

One of the ways to give back is passing on the energy of presence (the state of awareness). The more often there is an exhalation, the more power can be inhaled and passed through every time. This way people become the channels of energy and learn to live by giving back.

The teamwork is harder than giving back individually because it forces us to work with our ego. At the same time, it’s more effective for the development of the individual and the team as a whole.
The naturalness of mutual assistance
Why do we use the term transition to giving back? Imagine a person, who has everything that he needs, he’s full and happy. The only thing that such people want is to share this state of happiness with others. The same is with the Knowledge. You found yourself, and you came Home. You learned that your natural qualities are to love and to give back. You start to unfold and realize your potential, and you get a desire to pass this Knowledge to others! Then you start sharing it through your profession, your talents. You feel that the more you give, the more you get.

Basically, to serve and to give back is an effective way of sharing the Knowledge. And passing on the Knowledge as a team is the highest form of cooperation possible. The most rapid internal growth happens during it.

The most important requirement for successful study at the Givin School is the desire to gain the Knowledge.

But it’s not enough to want Awakening, even if you want it more than anything else in the world. The wish must be supported by actions, only then it’ll lead to the Goal. You need to work on yourself, re-evaluate priorities and turn every aspect of your life towards the Goal.

How fast this happens is up to you.

Each of us has to walk the path of development of the soul with our own feet; we can only direct and help you to go through it faster and easier.