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Regular classes

Regular club classes are the basic studying format at the School. They become available after mastering all the technical elements at the retreat. So you don’t waste your time repeating the basics. The teacher is present in every class regularly, and all the core team moves on learning the practical knowledge and methodology of the School. Group session is held three times a week. All cities and countries join the broadcast at the same time to practice together.

As you know, the progress and efficiency of classes require regularity and discipline. The team practice provides a huge synergy effect. It’s a known fact for centuries and has always been used in spiritual traditions: two people reinforce each other seven times, three people forty-nine times, four people three hundred and forty-three times, etc.

Club classes are called satsangs where together with the teacher we practice and have a collective discussion of all practical issues, discussion of lectures sitting in circles and answers to questions.

Currently, participation in club classes is possible in Riga, Moscow, Minsk, and St. Petersburg. It is also possible to connect to the club classes online from any city of the world.

Regular classes mean not only making group practices with the team and the teacher, but also an active lifestyle in serving others (through heart and actions). The School teaches to live in the giving mode as conductors, carrying all the best and most valuable things that they receive in practical classes to other people. Detection of hidden masks, release from egoistic programs, etc. is called “work with the ego.”

This inner work is the basis for optimal movement along the spiritual path. Interaction with the team and help in transferring practical Knowledge to other people helps to make it as effective as possible. Therefore, at this stage, students try to create and to organize something useful for the whole team and many other people who are interested in the awakening, the full realization of a person, etc.

All students can take different directions in joint activities to learn how to live in this mode, regardless of external circumstances. You can live with other people from the team in the cities where the teacher lives (Riga, Minsk) to have a constant opportunity to communicate with like-minded people.