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Training after retreat

For anyone who wants to continue the education at the School, there are two-week preparatory classes about 8-10 days after the end of the retreat. The main aim of these classes is to check the student level and prepare them for more intensive study, wherever they live – Riga, Moscow, Minsk, or St. Petersburg. By way of exception, if a person lives in another continent, he can participate online. Though the quality of training, in this case, may be significantly reduced. Qualified mentors and awakened students conduct these classes. To enroll, you need to confirm your willingness to continue your studies in writing form.

The units of the preparatory classes may include:

  • Check of the self-performance of all elements of practice (in the form of homework) and improvement of practical skills acquired during the retreat.
  • Help to the students’ adaptation to regular practice in everyday life.
  • Learning to work independently – work with the emotions, develop awareness, and overcome various difficulties.
  • A deeper understanding of all the questions, and detailed analysis of theoretical aspects that directly affect the quality of classes and the speed of internal changes. These aspects include: work with the ego, team interaction, discipline of the spirit and the implementation of practical instructions, overcoming spiritual materialism, the scheme of the path, the point of awakening and subsequent milestones of human development.
  • Sharing information about the structure of the School and its activities in various directions. This allows everyone to continue training on equal ground with the core team, where they can help other people in the best possible way.

During the preparatory classes, students get the full understanding of the techniques and practices of the School, which helps them to assess the point of further training.

More experienced students serve as guides for those who desire to continue regular classes. They help newcomers to understand all the subtleties of the practice. Students go to a trial or probation period via the new interviews (there can be several within a month after the start of regular club sessions).

The trial period is about a month of classes, where student checks himself/herself for readiness to fulfill all the conditions of training that the entire core team performs.

Among them you may find:

  • a visit to the club training 3 times a week offline or online;
  • individual daily studies;
  • listening to and taking notes of several audio lectures every week
    helping the team participating in transmitting of practical Knowledge, and following the training instructions.
  • At the end of the month of training, when the student has already tested the methodology of the School individually, he will come to a decision. He will either continue to study at School with the core team, switch to a light duty of training (an online club for newcomers), or continue to engage independently outside the School.

For those who wish to continue to study, there are verification classes with the teacher. These are two mandatory team Satsangs where the teacher tests the practical skills of students by analyzing all common issues or difficulties. It is necessary to arrive in the city where the teacher currently lives at the pre-appointed date to pass these classes. This stage is the final and provides with an opportunity to study at the School on a common basis with the core team.