Eduard Mashkov

Eduard Mashkov

The Instructor of Stillness Practice, introductory seminars and other events in Riga.


He has recently become a mentor at the Givin’s School though he had a serious experience before. He organizes the Practice of Stillness, meetings, and seminars. He participated in plenty of retreats.

He successfully combines family life and fatherhood with school activities. The main hobbies are mountain-climbing and everything connected with it.

“Life leads me in my practice as well as the eternal questions “Who am I?”, “Why are we here?”, “Where do we go after all?” I got acquainted with the first practice in 2009 when we were taking an intensive course. At that moment, I was in embryo state of the unconscious search. At School, I saw a practical approach, not just spiritual mumble-
jumble. I began to apply all the practical Knowledge and elements in everyday life, which increased the perception and depth of the Present Moment. This, in its turn, reduced all my stress. I finally felt a taste of life. I didn’t notice how I became a mentor. I just began to share gained knowledge, and I was already on my way. Moreover, I started my path from sport and classical yoga, so it was familiar to me.”

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