Ekaterina Blinova

Ekaterina Blinova

The desire to become a School instructor and share the gained knowledge appeared immediately.


Ekaterina Blinova has been at the School since 2017. She participated in more than 10 retreats. As an instructor, Katya regularly conducts online courses, city seminars, and off-site intensive courses.

In a very soft and approachable manner, from the depths, she helps her students take their first steps to freedom. Her work can always be described as precise and well-coordinated, with inclusion into each student.

“After my first experience of awakening, which happened 20 years ago, I asked myself: what was it? I looked for the answer in religion, literature, trips to places of power, in ashrams. It always felt like the answer was somewhere near… I came to practice in 2017, having “accidentally” got to a class with Artem Isaikin. Something responded…

After meeting with teacher Genadiy, all doubts disappeared. I already knew exactly what I was going to do. The desire to become a School instructor and share the knowledge gained arose immediately. And now as I plunge deeper into this knowledge, I see that their wisdom, depth, feeling are being revealed. Of course, I want to pass this knowledge on to everyone who really wants to answer the main questions of their life.”


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