Ekaterina Shipulina

Ekaterina Shipulina

Instructor and manager of training, retreats, master classes, Practice of Stillness courses, introductory seminars and other events.


Ekaterina has been studying at School since 2013. During this time she has participated in about 20 retreats, took active part in classes, meetings, courses and retreats.

She is active and she prefers practical methods of learning life. Being cheerful and showing affection to people are her major driving qualities. Since her childhood Ekaterina has an open-heart and a desire to share knowledge with others. Emotional, kind and bright, Ekaterina is the soul of our school and a mother of a charming son.

“I came to practice searching for joy of life, because I had lost it and could not find it anywhere. I suffered from internal split and depression. At School, I immediately found what I wanted that was pleasure of life, happiness without any reason and ease of being. My physical and mental balance and health were quickly recovered. From the beginning I started to experience samadhi states, insights, and revelations. The decision to become an instructor came immediately, moreover, it had been already made before the meeting with the practice. I was looking for my place in life where I could be really useful to people, where I could be involved in the transmission of something important and valuable, to serve others and to our common Home”.

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