Larisa Guryanova

Larisa Guryanova

To help means simply to inspire people to a truly happy life.


By nature, endowed with amazing judiciousness. She can express in a nutshell even the most difficult thought to understand. In any question, she always gets to the essence. Deeply feels the internal processes of the mentees. Attentive and open to people. A rare combination of her personal qualities makes communication with Larisa truly interesting. The knowledge she conveys penetrates into the Heart itself.

“There was such a moment in my life when I felt that living for myself was already unbearable. And I had a very strong desire to live for others, to do something for others, to make them happier, to somehow help. At that moment I did not think about becoming an instructor, because this desire arose in me even before I came to the School. It remains with me up to this day.

To help is simply to inspire people to a truly happy life, to live with the heart, and not the head, as we used to. And such an opportunity, to help people, to incite internal fire and interest in what is happening, I saw in the instructor’s activities. After all, the main task of the instructor is, first of all, to ignite in a person the desire to move towards life! “

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