Maxim Odintsov

Maxim Odintsov

He is the course mentor, organizer of the retreats, workshops, Practice of Stillness, fact-finding seminars and other events. He is also the Сertified yoga instructor. A master of the Present Moment and deep rest.


He is ready to answer all your questions till the morning. In 2015 he got the experience of spiritual awakening. He is regularly working on it and shares his deep experience with everyone.

He was seeking the answers for a long time before he found out about Givin’s School. He spent about 15 years on a persistent search for Home, reading the heaps of books and having many hours of practice.

When he got to School, he awakened and became the mentor very quickly. He is also a professional musician, it’s his main hobby.

“I practiced everything I had learned the last 15 years of my life, thus i have revealed the saving presence of bliss in my heart. It stays with me now though I felt it only for a few minutes or days for the last years. And now it became a part of me. It gave me the light and the rest.

That night I went to bed in the total presence of inner stillness. It seemed something unusual. I have never experienced anything like this before, but it was absolute peace. That night I simply fell into the void. There was nothing in it, neither me nor my understanding of it.

In the morning I noticed that everything became different, magic, alive and filled with sparkling beauty. I saw myself in it and the whole world in myself. At the same time, it was something superior in me, the initial substance. It was the basis of any form, matter, building, air, water, space and my being too. It was the Stillness the teacher was talking on a retreat. This was freedom, real freedom.

All unnecessary and bogus things left. All the fantasies have immediately gone, pain and suffering disappeared. The incognizable and live Stillness appeared instead of it”.