Marina Khomyakova

Marina Khomyakova

Instructor of courses, master classes, Practice of Stillness, awareness- rising seminars and other events. Organizer and host of the retreats “Movement to Enlightenment”. Certified yoga instructor.


She has been teaching at Givin School since 2015.

Marina came to school with a desire to give and help people. She immediately became an active participant in the activities of the School. She helped with the photography, video, creativity, communication with people, the organization of events.
She motivated many people with her aspiration and responsible job approach, attentiveness, and care, kindness, and positive attitude. A feeling of harmony, joy, and happiness goes hand in hand with her!
Marina transmits such a flow of warmth, care, and love as if she is your mother or sister. She is happy to share everything she knows either the secret of happy family relationships or the subtleties of the path to enlightenment. The person you begin to trust from the first sight and forever.

“I see nothing more important than the transfer of the knowledge that I receive. I find it a real gift and a miracle to be acquainted with the teacher, the team and the practice of human development. This is a clear method of changing the perception of life. The more I studied, the more I understood the importance of the knowledge is in every person’s life. Now I really want to transfer this knowledge into the life of other people who are ready to accept it!
I found my way, meaning, and essence in being an instructor. I love to watch how people change, how their eyes start to sparkle and their life begins. It really inspires me. It’s worth living!”

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