Olga Myshko

Olga Myshko

Olga Myshko is an instructor of many courses, retreats, master classes,  Practice of Stillness, introductory seminars, and other events.


She is a very open person, with a natural ability to ignite and empathize people helping them to find a way through the difficult life situations. She can also provide a magic boost to your Ego that can be helpful in awakening your Heart.

“Being an instructor means to help people to change. Change to be happy, to live in harmony and embrace life. It’s the greatest reason to live.  

When I started the practice, I immediately began to feel self-awareness and who I really am. I became the living void – the eternal, infinite, immortal nothing. I started to live my Life. The practice became my manual. I was very lucky to meet my teacher Genadiy on my path.

When you wake up you realize what life means, start living, become yourself.  It’s very simple. On the other hand, you can see other people’s suffering, their absorption in problems. You can see their games, masks, and facades. But at the same time, you see their true nature, their souls. You have a natural desire to help them to live a free and happy life.

We have no reasons to fight, to feel stress, or to be angry because none of this is real and simply does not exist. This is a natural way of life: happiness and harmony within yourself. This is universal love, and it’s very difficult to keep quiet. If you know the way out, you want to help. This is why I had a natural desire to become an instructor.”

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