Practice of stillness feedback: Daniel Korobov

Another month of training in the online club Givin School ended. To summarize, I want to note that I got a good experience in working through my ego, sharing of knowledge, of unity with the team. In general, there was a feeling that it was not a month, but three! It was very difficult but warm, interesting, active and memorable.

I will be brief since what we have received here is difficult to describe in words. This state clarity, when performing exercises and experiencing internal and external changes, you do not break into them, but you clearly follow your goals. At the same time, attention only partially remains on yourself, and the main focus is on the team. Thus, it appeared the new perception of reality, different from what it was before: now you are not closed, but on the contrary, you try to give all your strength, all warmth, and experience to another person, so that he, in turn, caught fire and was able to dismiss all his fluctuations and resistance madness.

After all, if at least one person doubts and goes on about his ego, it’s reflects on the whole team, pulls it back.
Clarity and a completely different understanding of life come in the process of studying. This is the experience that everyone needs to go through in practice since in words you will not get it. Now starting the next course in
the online club, I can rely on my personal experience and exactly know what should I do. After all, the team, the transfer of knowledge, help others, returns and following the instructions clears you up and propels you on the path of transformation.

I thank the Givin School for this priceless knowledge. Many thanks to the Instructors who have shaken the walls behind which we hide from life. I also want to thank everyone for their involvement in this process, because, overcoming all the difficulties together, we were able to become a single organism, a real team!

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