Practice of stillness feedback: Elena Nikolaeva

Guys, I thank all of you for your work with us. For your patience and attention, and the love that you have brought us. Your energy was powerful. The practices were excellent. They discipline the mind well. You become more attentive.

“The practice of Stillness” and the practice of “Here and Now” helps a lot. I noticed that I was in some other space when I was doing these practices. If stillness goes away, I return to society. This is a good incentive to keep quiet.
I haven’t noticed the change in people around yet, but everything that happens around me became calmer.

I feel stillness quickly. I’m thinking a lot. Exercises are simple, and I feel the need to do them, but it is not always pleasant. I observe it in stillness.

What new have I learned? I found out that there is another reality behind the zero points, that a person moves gradually through these realities to his self. There is a constant movement.

Everyone needs all this knowledge and practices but, in my opinion, only people who are ready will come to try.
If a large number of people wake up, the changes will be very vivid. I can’t even imagine what they will be like, but I think life will be very interesting. People will be different.

With the warmth of heart to all of you!

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