Practice of stillness feedback: Irina Fisher

Talking about changes: there are a lot of them. It is hard to describe, but I’ll try. I saw myself from the outside, saw my ego. A lot of things and actions which I considered normal turned out terrifying. It was very sad to see how people stew in their own problems and don’t want to let anyone in their comfort zone.

My relationship with my neighbor has improved. I have always thought that the way I act is the only way and I didn’t take her approach seriously, but now I accept and don’t judge her. The significant thing was that she felt this and made a step towards me. The love and understanding approach is perfect. I’ve started to see things more real. I feel like a small boat in the sea. Sometimes I see everything clearly and become calm, and sometimes my emotions take over me. That’s not very nice. My health has become better. I’ve become more sensitive and started to feel this world as part of me. Now I love it very much. I’ve taken responsibility for my life, and I’ve started to distinguish my mind and real me. Now I want to apologize for having ignored my life for so long.

I think that all people need to undergo an online club because they would be open and everything could be easier. They would see their true selves without masks. It is so necessary to get acquainted with the most important person – with yourself. People would see that all of us are parts of a whole. All our problems happen of our distorted perception through the prism of our ego.

When you realize that we are parts of a whole and you share this moment, you actually become full. That’s an unexplainable warm feeling. I have always tried to become complete, but I’ve failed. It turned out very easy – you need to share to become full. I want to contribute my experience to people, help them. Now I can see that I should work on myself. Now I can only move forward. My ego doesn’t like it. Now I can’t imagine how I could live so dull. I didn’t know myself, and I didn’t accept myself and suffered a lot because of it. These are our walls. I am very grateful to Givin school students for helping us to understand who we are and where to move. I am very glad you are in our lives. Thank you.

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