Practice of stillness feedback: Sergey Timofeev

During this month I went through my whole life. It was the busiest month ever. There was experience, feelings, emotions. At first, you are happy and ready to flip out, then you are at the bottom, you want to quit and leave, to drop everything and hide from everyone.

I became more sensitive and sincere with others began to feel my body. I turned into a pretty open person. If earlier I lied, hid something from another person, now the desire to do it disappeared. To tell the truth is much easier for me now, I see no reason to cheat or to act in a personal gain. Self-obsession is gone. I still have my interests and want to prosper, but this is a completely different level, other intentions, another quality. I don’t want to live for myself anymore, because it’s a dead end, it’s just a DEAD END. Now everything is clear to me. I became an open person, who trusts people and life.

Even the most disgusting people changed in my eyes. A soul lives in every person, but my mind describes it to me in a negative way. I became more conscious. Not everything goes the way I planned, I accept it, then I see a better way out. It is much more comfortable to communicate with other people and with relatives now. Sometimes we conflict and misunderstand each other, but it’s different now. It’s more result-oriented, there is no insult or fear that there will be consequences. I admit my mistakes and apologize right away, not a week later, I calm down faster. The life became interesting. I learn from my mistakes they are no longer punishment or bewilderment. The misconception about the Ego and what to do with it has fallen off. I used to think that you need to get rid of it. Now I do not think so. You need to work well with it, and then it will serve you. In everyday life, the pace is completely different, and such an intensive work doesn’t go well on its own. When you join the process, you realize it is impossible without the team. You can get it only by your own experience you have to live it through. Then you will feel it with all your body, and there is a much deeper understanding.

It is necessary to pass it through for those who really want to change their lives. Start your transformation. If there were such changes within most people, then our society would be healthier. There would be no murder, theft, violence and all those things that a person commits being asleep deep in his dream, where he suffers and cannot find the way out. We have to show people this way. We are heading in the right direction, by HELPING OTHERS to find the way out. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!

When I do something for others, I see what prevents me from getting out of my sleep. When we try to find a way out by ourselves – it can take many years, and there is no guarantee that the person comes to an end. You need a teacher and a team. They know where to go.

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