Practice of Stillness Online

Practice of Stillness Online
  • Monday and Thursday at 9:00 pm (EDT) 1 hour
  • Online course

We invite you to a regular introductory class «Practice of Stillness Online».

The Practice of Stillness is a unique and effective method that allows you:

  • to unleash your inner potential;
  • to stimulate vital energy and increase efficiency;
  • to find peace;
  • to get rid of stress and strengthen the nervous system;
  • to feel inner harmony and peace in everyday life;
  • to recover from psycho-emotional and physical exertion quickly;
  • to learn how to perceive people calmly, to open up and to learn how to feel them deeply;
  • to understand the deep meaning of what is happening and what is your role in life.

«Practice of Stillness Online» — This methodology includes meditative techniques to calm the mind, to open the heart and relax the body, as well as breathing techniques to strengthen the nervous system and emotional activity.

It’s only 1 hour long, you can join our class on Monday and Thursday at 9:00 pm (EDT)

Your Host: Veronika Carmichael

Veronika Carmichael is a certified yoga instructor with over 6 years of teaching experience in Hatha, Vinyasa, and Restorative Yoga. She started her process of spiritual development more than 10 years ago.

She’s been on numerous workshops and retreats, and also attended many spiritual studyings in Shivananda Ashram, Vipassana Meditation, Advaita Vedanta studies with Sri Swami Vishnudevananda Giri, many silent retreats with hindu monks, learned Aroma Teraphy and Ayurvedic style of living. She loves working with energy and earned her black belt in Aikido in 2018.

Last couple of years she practices with Givin School of Awakening and would love to share this knowledge with others.

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«I joined the practice recently. It’s super easy. You are just meditating and learning how to enjoy the stillness. I started feeling everything sharper since then. It looks like my consciousness is gradually growing. It’s easier to start the new day now and I’m full of positive energy. Every time I’m looking forward to new experience».

Anton Popov, New York

«Veronika is a vibrant experienced teacher of Yoga, Meditation and Aikido. Naturally, she brings lightheartedness in teaching the STILLNES process, gently guiding students to build the practice step by step in a safe environment. As a result of the practice I experience increased calm, awareness and joy. I highly recommend Veronika if you’d like to develop steady daily spiritual practice».

Yulia Grinberg, New York

Стоимость участия: free donation 

Максимальное количество участников: 30 participants

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