Retreat feedback: Anita Yurkevica

Retreat feedback: Anita Yurkevica
Retreat feedback21.10.2018

I came to this course because I tried self-development. I was looking for the sense of life, hesitating between the mind, the heart and the experiences of other people. I was unhappy, the curtain of selfishness fell down, and I saw the whole picture. But it wasn’t long before my mind had the control again, and I fell into the similar hole where I was before this incident. I began to look for the same feelings, a way to awakening, to seek fulfillment in life beyond mere survival. However, I would never have such great results practicing alone as I got with the team during the retreat.

I’ve learned so much that I don’t know where to begin. Physically, I feel much better, and emotionally – it’s indescribable. I’m extremely happy every day, even when it rains! I apply the gained knowledge even at work. I feel the present moment the second I remember our exercises. The thoughts from my past still come into the head from time to time, but I’ve learned how to stay in the moment. The main thing is that the Joy is present. I am happy with nature, listening to birds, standing by the sea.

During the retreat, I remembered the childhood when the primitive things brought positive emotions and happiness. I also realize that stress and fears were invented by people. I want to continue my education, hoping to get closer to awakening. Meanwhile, I will try to hand my experience and knowledge to everyone. This is a huge gift to be happy.

Many thanks to Genady Givin, to the wonderful mentors, and to the whole team who took care of us.

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