Retreat feedback: Marina Beletskaya

Retreat feedback: Marina Beletskaya
Retreat feedback21.10.2018

I recommend this retreat for those people who are searching for a meaning in their life, who want to feel the joy of the moment, who want to understand what does it mean to exist.

The retreat took place in a wonderful location. God painted the pine forest with its soft moss and plenty of mushrooms and berries with beautiful autumn paints. The sea shined like a mirror reflecting sunbeams. Sometimes it was pale pink and sometimes blue, small flocks of swans and seagulls were swimming slowly.

Surrounding nature helped us to understand our inner selves, stopped rushing stream of thoughts that took us away from the moment.
Daily physical exercises showed the result quickly. Your thoughts stopped rushing, so a sense of inner stillness came very fast and felt very good.

Everyone should understand how our mind carries us away from the natural life flow. We’re reaching the goals we don’ really need and waste our time, efforts, energy, disturbed by the mindset, stereotypes, close-mindedness. The result is diseases, irritation, conflicts, fatigue stress.

The practice aimed at taking off the mess that limits our vision and carries away the quality of life.

By calming the mind, we came back into the life flow, and we don’t need to pretend anymore. We have enough time to enjoy life, and we feel what it is to live but not to survive.

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