Retreat feedback: Michael Kiselev

Retreat feedback: Michael Kiselev
Retreat feedback21.10.2018

Life was leading me to these 5 days since the school years. I realized there was something missing. I won’t describe all the events in my life. Everyone has their own cross to bear. By doing that and by working on ourselves we come closer to the Light. The retreat has special rules which help the internal work – the unity of the team and complete giving back of the mentors and the teacher Gennady Givin. The team helps us to see thin edges of our ego and to work more effectively, which in regular life would take more time.

The teacher shares his knowledge sincerely, from the bottom of his heart.

Indeed, when I came to the retreat, I discovered my weaknesses on the very first day, the weaknesses that I didn’t even know existed. I started to work on myself, which wasn’t easy. The instructors are going all out – there helping us with their whole being as if they’re helping themselves. People start to realize that their effort affects everyone in the team. This potential has a huge effect. All in all, the spiritual training was very fruitful. What followed were the experiences of complete vanishing of disharmony, sensations of unlimited happiness, inner fulfillment, love towards everyone and everything, the recognition the true Self, complete unity with nature and joy from being alive.

After the retreat, I started to see the beauty of the world and the purity of human souls. I was able to see the depth of people’s suffering and to love them with my whole heart. I could feel the love of nature – how powerful and caring it is. I have a clear picture of how the universe really works I started to understand that everyone is much closer than we think. That’s why when helping others, we are helping ourselves because we all live in the unity of the Source. That’s our team’s motto.

Here we really have a reign of kindness, heart warmth and commitment. After only five days we became one family, soulmates, who are always ready to support each other.

Now I also want to share this knowledge with all the people. I want to share with all my soul with an open heart. I understand how loving, beautiful, caring and perfect this world is, but people built imaginary walls and surrounded by pain and suffering. My great thanks and love to the Teacher, the mentors, dear participants of the course and everyone in the world.

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