Retreat feedback: Olga Astapova

Retreat feedback: Olga Astapova
Retreat feedback21.10.2018

I really wanted to try this retreat. I got to know there is a center with an awakened teacher and his students in August of this year. I decided to go without any doubt!

There were some problems with applying for visa, but my desire was too strong. Krasnodar visa center helped me in this situation offering to pass the documents for Schengen through France. I was looking forward to going because everything became uninteresting for me.

There was no desire, I was working on some art and didn’t want to go anywhere. There was one joy – when I helped people. Especially when I shared the knowledge with those who were interested. I felt happy that day!

To go to the finish line, as I call the awakening, I have come a long way, studying various techniques, knowing myself, re-recognizing. The last thing I did, was listening to awakened people and I understood: that’s what I need – to become always happy.

So I came here to wake up and become myself.

During the classes a few blocks that I had from the childhood dissolved. I really liked the technique of working on myself, especially the day of stillness and fasting. After all, at home, it is more difficult to do.

There are also improvements in health in the cervical spine, vision improved. I began to eat less. But the most important is that I learned to be in the moment of now, felt bliss. The world has become brighter, moments that I didn’t pay attention to have become visible.

I want to receive knowledge to share them with people! I want to write more about my experience. When I practiced “watching the sky”, I felt merging myself with the sky, the trees, expanding everything, as if I touched some other life.

Time passed very quickly. 10-12 years ago, I experienced the same but didn’t know what it was. At
that moment it was happiness. Then everything collapsed, and I never felt it again. And here I felt the same. Now I know what happened to me. And I strive for this again.

A huge heartfelt thanks to Genadiy, to all the mentors, to all who were preparing food and all other students. I felt care in everything!

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