Retreat feedback: Radoslav Shishigin

Retreat feedback: Radoslav Shishigin
Retreat feedback21.10.2018

I came to retreat with a huge desire of awakening and a wish to release the personal perception of reality. I wanted to open my true nature. The practices I have been doing for many years didn’t bring any satisfaction. There was an aspiration to go beyond that to find the purpose of my life.
It was quite surprising that serving to others and wishing them to awaken can help to reach awakening for myself. I used to think that I have to awake, and I can do it only by myself. But I couldn’t.

The Retreat gave me more sensation in my body, awareness, and acceptance of my nature. I stopped fighting with my thoughts and wishes. I felt them with gratitude, and they consequently stopped bothering me. Nature around became brighter not only by seeing and hearing but also by my inner feeling.

The main goal as Awakening didn’t happen, but there was a feeling that it is somewhere near, everyone can approach it. And it is not necessary to sit in a cave for ten years for it. At the same time, I understand this is a real war. War with the Ego, mind, with unknown result. And it is very exciting to share knowledge and awareness with other people. Indeed, If they did not share it with me, I would not know about these guys, about this course, would not receive this valuable experience!

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