Retreat feedback: Roman Filippov

Retreat feedback: Roman Filippov
Retreat feedback21.10.2018

To tell the truth, I am satisfied with my life. I have a wonderful family, a promising business, a list of valuable assets and conveniences. However, I stopped getting satisfaction from the goals I’d set. It’s not about family values. I achieved the goals or strived to them but then became disappointed. Public interests seemed flat and primitive. So I decided to go to this retreat. No wonder I’ve found out about it because I follow the School’s activities. I knew where I was going. I wanted to reboot my mindset.

On the first day of the retreat, I felt relief. The body relaxed, the mind calmed its tension. A combination of physical, breathing and meditative exercises together with magical nature outside gave a nice boost. As the retreat continued, the state of inner peace became stronger and more stable. I sensed joy and happiness. Personal energetic background grew very strongly. Bright vibrations appeared in the body. The body itself became alive. There was a feeling of unity with the surrounding people and the world, with life itself.
The ego came outside and separated.

Now I’m more observant. This trial was very helpful and practical. I decided to control the Ego. If you don’t follow the ego, you’ll see why life has decided so, and not otherwise.
All changes occur in parallel: internal and external, physical and mental. Mind falls silent and ceases to dictate conditions it guides you in the right time. When it tries to do so, you should realize and observe it. You know how to stay in the present moment. This is one of the key elements of learning. By following the instructions and doing the right thing, you realize the meaning of the moment.
It takes a lot to describe this practice. It brings you closer to life, connects with it and gives an opportunity to experience unified field. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to keep and concentrate on this state and its depth in particular regularly.
Luckily, it is only a matter of practice. There are many interesting, useful, and, most important, fundamental elements to describe what is possible, but it is not an issue of this review.
The coordinators and the teacher of this retreat set ambitious goals in the field of spiritual development and life understanding. That makes you involved. At the same time, organizing group classes for different levels of training, allow everyone to stay at the appropriate level of knowledge and understanding, without violating the curriculum in one course.
I want to say a huge thanks to these people for the good arrangement and excellent presentation of the material. I am grateful for the knowledge shared in a simple and convenient way. And of course many thanks to fellow students for the warmth they provided. It’s difficult to find the company of people, with whom you are connected not by social relations, but frankness, kindness, and passion.

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