Retreat feedback: Vitaly Sitnikov

Retreat feedback: Vitaly Sitnikov
Retreat feedback21.10.2018

My life became grey mass, consisting of incomprehensible conversations, constant convictions, and dull reasoning. It was like a swamp that drowned you more and more. You could run away with alcohol, but soon it stopped filling the evening emptiness.

To participate in the course, I had to give up many of my bad habits (I have no trace of remorse about it). I made a decision to go by all means and began to collect documents for a trip abroad.

It was surprising for me how well things were going on the way to get on the course.

On arrival, it was a little uncomfortable, and there was one question in my head: “Why are you wasting your time here?” But the resistance disappeared on the third day, and I felt happiness like in childhood, having not only feeling but also a smell of carelessness and peace!

Going outside, I felt the joy of surrounding without a load of thoughts. I was examining with interest everything whatever my look met! Until the end of the retreat, two days after this state came to me again. If the first two days my relation to the program was careless, then I hurried to the hall and enjoyed every element of the program eagerly.
I realized that the more you are open to the mentors, the stronger desire to share everything best from your heart, the deeper the state of fullness and happiness!

I express my gratitude to the mentors and The teacher Genadiy Givin for a chance to feel a taste of life!

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