Retreat feedback: Yulia Berezovskaya

Retreat feedback: Yulia Berezovskaya
Retreat feedback21.10.2018

I came to a course to learn how to stay at the moment and to get out of a matrix, i.e. awakening. I’ve already understood that I am not just a body or the mind. I’ve learned that I am here as a soul going to or leading others to Light.

In my social circle, I often meet people who’ve already left matrix. They describe the process the same as Gennadiy says.

I’ve done lots of work in this way and was happy to meet one more opportunity to get new knowledge.

I have received everything I expected from the course. I’ve learned about new technique and put it into practice. I had an experience of the present moment. It was nice to have a chance to sort out health problems, correction of the body posture and work with a spine, in particular.

I think it’s relevant for everyone.

Doing exercises on a regular basis makes the body healthier.

I want to thank all mentors for their care, help, and desire to share the knowledge with everybody. I liked the course very much. Therefore, I plan to study further and recommend it to everyone, who is interested.

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