Olga Sokol

Olga Sokol

Instructor of Givin School. Leading Practice of Stillness Online and the Practice of Stillness in Australia.

Thanks to my commitment I achieved all the goals that I set for myself. I realized myself as a mother, a businesswoman, and as a wife. The search for happiness made me move forward from goal to goal. But, having achieved everything desired, a feeling of emptiness and disappointment arose. It turned out that all the material goals did not bring peace to the soul. There was a feeling that we were born for something more, than running from goal to goal. The search for truth has begun.

A couple of years ago I got to know the School. Here I finally found the answers to all the questions, that did not leave me. I gained knowledge, teacher and an environment, where I can develop. Thanks to the opportunity to realize my true purpose, I have this feeling of happiness, I have strength and the will to live and to learn myself and a life.

Revealing my true nature, I felt happiness more and more. I gained a foothold. There was a great desire to share knowledge with people about the most important thing – about their true nature, and make them happy. When you see how people are changing, how they become happier, it fills and makes you happy!