Alexander Larionov

Alexander Larionov

Teacher of weekly practices “Practice of Stillness” in St. Petersburg. Organizer and instructor of retreats in Givin School.


Alexander was born in Saratov, Russia. Has been teaching at the Givin School for 4 years.

He conducted around 30 retreats and participated in a large number of seminars related to Awakening and taking the Path.

He is an intellectual, very deep and reliable person.

He is also demanding, attentive and caring instructor. Conducts meeting and talks on topics of development, overcoming life’s difficulties. He’s a certified wellness massage specialist and shares his recipe for healthy attitude towards life.

Alexander is interested in the mechanics of various types of systems, starting from a single human to a large organization. Appreciates a permacultural landscape design.

In 2015 he experienced the Awakening himself. Here’s what Alexander says about his experience: “Feelings that I had were IMPOSSIBLE TO EXPRESS IN WORDS! I flew off somewhere, I’m not able to describe everything that happened, but I felt like a fountain of pure pleasure was flowing through me.

It’s the absence of anxiety, problems, worries, and anything that’s unnatural. There’s no resistance to life. You’re in it and live. It’s like for my whole life I’ve been holding onto something, and I’ve finally let go.”

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