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About us

Givin School is a system of practical Knowledge leading to awakening and further transformation.

We are a big and friendly team of students from all over the world who receive and pass on the practical Knowledge. The awareness helps people to think outside the box, changes their feelings, ideas about themselves and the world, and brings them towards the clear perception of the reality.

We have a Russian-speaking teacher who has already passed his path and knows how to help people to get through it quickly and painlessly.

A team of trained instructors who strive to pass on their practically gained experience and knowledge assists him. The Givin School has already helped many people to touch the truth.

Many of the students have awakened, they keep practicing and developing further, and they continue to pass on the knowledge. The number of such people is growing. We want to build a healthy society that lives by the principles of unity and mutual aid and is in harmony with nature and the soul. We know how to do it.

The settlement of such people will accelerate this process. Here our children and grandchildren will live freely and happily. We will help thousands of people who desperately need help to get out of the dead end and emptiness. We are happy to see dedicated and curious people in our ranks, regardless of their citizenship, place of residence, education, social status or religion.

The defining condition is a strong willingness to work on their development and together with the team pass the knowledge to other people.