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One of the Givin School’s missions is to create an environment for the balanced spiritual development of a person and his/her awakening. To make this possible, people need to live together, practice, work and help other people. Many people nowadays feel that the usual way of life in a consumer society does not bring satisfaction. That’s why they tend to live in the countryside, organize various eco-settlements.

But moving out from the cities, they often take their consumer thinking with them. It’s not surprising they face the same problems: quarrels, unwillingness to negotiate.

It is necessary to solve the problem at another level: not by changing the scenery, but changing the perception, principle of life. It is important to transform your ego from consuming to giving. Serving to the people with whom we build our future. Knowledge of the laws of nature leads us closer – to community and unity. It’s possible if we do it together, and not as a fantasy, but as an everyday work on oneself.

It can be achieved by intensive training in the team, by working on ourselves daily, and building relationships on the soul level. On the soul level, we are already one, all we have to do is to learn how to live with it.

This is why there are so many people at our school who are united by the idea to live and function as one. It’s a level of feeling and understanding another person as yourself. When we learn this, we can show others how to build relationships without an ego, and how sincere and beautiful our relationships become.

We can teach our children. Teach them, how to cultivate real values, how to become a complete human being. How to be really happy and not replace it with the attributes of happiness, how to live in love, harmony and mutual help. We learn how to live as one family even though most of us have their own families. It’s similar to a commune or ashram but without Hindus or Tibetans robes or rites. Just practice and real life. After all, the ability to be a full person and to live by one’s heart is not the prerogative of the East.

Of course, in this path to unity, we meet a deep resistance from ego. That’s why we use spiritual practice. It helps to calm our mind, that is used to separate, judge and compare everything.

Everything we achieve in training, we pass on to our students. By their own experiences, they can feel how the energy of life flows through them. And how fast everything starts to unfold and show itself, just because they decided to go towards their nature – towards the unity. Now they have a goal!

We know that building a healthy society that lives by unity, mutual help, and harmony with nature and the soul can be real. We know how to do it. We have something worth sharing. An environment of like-minded people is already there. The settlement will make it stronger and more stable. That will help thousands of people who are desperately looking for a way out of the deadlock and emptiness. Here our children and grandchildren will be able to live freely and happily. WE ARE LOOKING FOR THOSE WHO WANTS TO REACH THIS GOAL. People, who are ready to join us to create the SETTLEMENT OF THE LIGHT, and to take part in something magical, something that’s really important for future generations.