My morning light of Awakening

Is shining somewhere far away…

I hear the voice of the Eclipse,

The bottom, suggesting to stay.

Split, explosion, shock, and fall –

And I burn the bridges again,

I don’t believe in any salvation,

Except for the sunray that saved me from pain.

Sunshine, let me follow you!

And never stay away from the path.

My mind is bound by the shackles,

Wants purely Love to discuss.

It’s scary to stand at the threshold,

But all I want is to come

Back home, where there’s no cold.

That takes me away from the scum.

There is only one road leading,

But there’s no strength to go further.

Your Home where comfort and greeting,

Where the fireplace of love is burning.

Our castle, our family…

Just give me the strength not to lose myself.

Not stumble, and not to fall hopefully,

Want to be with you as long as I can.

We care of each other anyway,

And together we’ll reveal the infinity.

Help find the caution, in a native bay

To go together to a divinity.

Just give me only one chance –

To see the Creator at a glance.

Vera Schmidt

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