Practice of Stillness

Practice of Stillness
  • Minsk (Belarus), Riga (Latvia), Online course

We invite you to regular introductory classes «Practice of Stillness» in Minsk (Belarus) and Riga (Latvia). Or  you can choose online course «Practice of Stillness».

The Practice of Stillness is a unique and effective method that allows you:

  • to unleash your inner potential;
  • to stimulate vital energy and increase efficiency;
  • to find peace;
  • to get rid of stress and strengthen the nervous system;
  • to feel inner harmony and peace in everyday life;
  • to recover from psycho-emotional and physical exertion quickly;
  • to learn how to perceive people calmly, to open up and to learn how to feel them deeply;
  • to understand the deep meaning of what is happening and what is your role in life.

Cost of participation: depends on format (online/offline)

Maximum amount of participants: no limit

Other Events

Retreat May 11 — 25, 2019
Retreat May 11 — 25, 2019
  • May 11 - 25, 2019 2 weeks
  • Latvia
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