Practice of stillness feedback: Anna

The Practice of Stillness, through an online format, was of great importance to me. As I lived far from the places where this practice is held, I was able to touch this light online. During the classes, I felt release and joy in my body. The mentors were kindhearted and open people.

Olya and Yulia helped us to understand the stillness, the heart warmth, and importance to relax. I realized that these techniques would help me to move to the goal of self-development. After these classes, I had the desire to move forward in real life. My life changed, I became more friendly, joyful. Joy comes by knowing the way that I must pass.

The team helped us to understand our mistakes and to open our hearts to strangers. Unfortunately, we usually forget about this in a life’s race.

I thank our mentors Olga and Yulia for their compassionate attitude towards us. I am sending the warmth of my heart to everyone, see you at the online club.

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