Practice of Stillness Online 10 days

Practice of Stillness Online 10 days

The practice towards unity of mind, body and consciousness, towards discovery, and for full realization of the inner potential.

Just in 4 webinars you will get:

Release from irritation and discontent: any irritation occurs due to the non-acceptance of the world and yourself. The methodology of the course allows you to get rid of this tension.

Increasing efficiency in business: during the course your energy level increases by 2-5 times. This will allow you to solve tasks from this resource state, faster and easier.

Improving the health and well-being: healthy food and simple physical exercises revitalize the body by improving blood circulation, relaxing muscle tension and cleansing the body.

No anxiety: anxiety gives a restless mind.Through meditation we calm it down, and anxiety goes away. A feeling of peace appears.

Happiness and inner joy: this is our natural state. Through practice you dive into the depth of the present moment and begin to feel it.

Maximum amount of participants: no limit

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