Retreat feedback: Hope Petunina

Retreat feedback: Hope Petunina
Retreat feedback21.10.2018

I was going to the retreat with a desire to gain both the EXPERIENCE I could understand according to the books and the KNOWLEDGE shared without words. I got such an opportunity here.

It is difficult to estimate the value of live communication with the awakened students and the Teacher.

Perhaps this has become one of the main impressions of the course. In the sense that it was great inspiration and motivation to continue spiritual path taking at the retreat.

Also, an unforgettable experience was the birth of people unconditionally loving each other before the eyes of society.
Being a part of this magic, it’s like finding a family. I am happy to continue to communicate with the guys, to realize my involvement.

I wish to build conscious and healthy in all respects society! I have gained confidence that this is possible. Such an environment of mutual acceptance and support is the most effective platform for rapid spiritual progress to real life, to awakening and transformation – the evolution of the soul.

I’m going to give people the opportunity to consciously choose the way of active and painless spiritual development due to the transfer of acquired knowledge.

I Express my gratitude to Gennady Givin and the whole team for such a noble contribution to the creation of a valuable human society. I believe that a new era awaits us in the nearest future. But to achieve this goal, as many people as possible should take responsibility and act in accordance with the need of their true essence.

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