• 13 to 26 of February, 2020
  • Latvia and Russia

We invite You to a very meaningful and fascinating journey of your life – retreat “The MOVEMENT to ENLIGHTENMENT”. It will be held from 13 to 26 of February, 2020 in Latvia and Russia.

Retreat is necessary for You if:

  • You need to understand the meaning of Your life; 
  • You want to know WHO you Are;
  • You want to live without stress and suffering;
  • The theme of Enlightenment and Awakening is important to you;
  • You are interested in the practice of human development;
  • You have not yet found a teacher and a team of like-minded people.

This is 13 days of practice and inner work on yourself.

This is an opportunity to get your own practical understanding of who you are, to feel the true nature of things, yourself, and the world.

Retreat is about solitude and moderation. Retreat means “seclusion”, “removal from society”. There are such restrictions like moderation in food and a complete lack of communication with society (TV, phones, books, Internet excluded).

It is a unity with nature and a new perception of oneself. It is an experience of living in the present moment and of deep awareness. Retreat is Your way to yourself!

At the retreat you are supported by a whole team: administrators, instructors, students of Genady, and the teacher himself.

All those wishing to get to the retreat previously undergo mandatory training.

You can learn more about the retreat and its conditions HERE.


Maximum amount of participants: 150 people

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