STEP 2 Transformational Online Course – Step Towards Awakening

STEP 2 Transformational Online Course – Step Towards Awakening
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This is an intensive  3-week online course based on the School’s methodology that is required for further training at School. It is suitable for any physical and spiritual level, knowledge, experience and age.

The course includes: 

  • Training in basic meditative and yoga techniques according to the Givin School methodology (“Practice of Stillness”, which includes “PE block” and “Sitting block”).
  • 7 training webinars with instructors lasting 2.5-3 hours.
  • Homework for independent studying, including: literature, films, lectures, individual practice (daily 2-3 hours).
  • Online support by experienced and caring curators and instructors.
  • Teamwork and synergy effect: together we strengthen each other and achieve maximum results.
  • Project of serving people for both – keeping of the obtained result and deepening of perception — going beyond the ego.

This course is a great opportunity to immerse yourself into serious practice at home! This is a practical knowledge that activates your internal natural mechanisms of self-regulation.


This course is a mandatory first stage of the preparation for a live “Awakening” course.



Cost of participation: 130 EUR

Maximum amount of participants: 30


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