Valentine Pullo

Valentine Pullo

The mentor of retreats, courses, master classes, Practice of Stillness, introductory seminars, and other events.


She is one of the most experienced school mentors. She is quite straightforward, but kind and sympathetic. It is impossible to imagine a practice where she would not participate as a mentor. 100 percent involvement in serving people – that’s her credo. She is the driving force of the Givin School.

Now she mainly deals with online educating formats. She motivates and inspires guys who have just started taking the Path. She helps people to reveal their potential, gives opportunities for growth, helps in the self-identification. She is the organizer of the public movement “The Work with Joy”. She loves animals and traveling.

“Gennadiy asked me to become a mentor. I was terrified, but it was my path. The teacher saw it and showed the shortest and the best way of development. It’s something that I really like. Soon I realized that I was born for it. And now I feel great from all the activities at School”.

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